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Introduction (Why the Fight?)

I’m in my early 30s, am a father of two, and have a chronic illness called ulcerative colitis (if you haven’t heard of it, it’s similar to Crohn’s). After years of unsuccessful steroid and immunosuppressant treatments my specialist has referred me on to a surgeon to discuss the complete removal of my large intestine.


It may still come to that, but before I commit to such a drastic life change I’m going to try using good food, fitness and martial arts training to focus up and fight back.

Bring it!



  1. Keep us posted on your journey! I went to a surgeon for consult and I have to say, he’s probably one of the best doctors I have seen. He told me no surgery now (I have Crohn’s). He told me that when my symptoms become to a point where they are ruining my life and I can’t take it, then we can talk surgery. The most important thing is that it would be MY decision and not anyone else’s. He said even after I made the decision, we would have many talks about how that will affect my life, that I am sure its what I want to do, etc. I thought that was crucial advice to me because I had always taken doctors advice to heart. I was like wow my decision! So just some food for thought for ya!

    • Awesome, thanks for your thoughts! I’ve had the same attitude towards the disease for ages – just accept what my specialist tells me, do everything by the book drug-wise, and…get nowhere. Really keen to take some control over this whole thing – if that means surgery at some point, so be it, but I won’t go down that path without a fight 🙂

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