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Taekwondo Session Three

Wowzers – so apparently last week’s intro sessions were light and breezy.  On Monday night we got hit hard, and it took me right back to what I remembered as a Karate-going kid.

Relentless stances, up, down, up, down…my knees are getting too old for that stuff 😉 That was chased by a push-up ‘race’ from one side of the Dojang to the other – 2 push-ups every meter across and back.

Then..da daaam…prone holds! I have no idea how long we held it for – a couple of minutes, maybe? – but that almost broke me. Having UC has meant I’ve steered fairly clear of most ab-related exercises for the past few years, so it was a real mental battle to stay in position and see the hold through.

Which is what it’s all about for me. Rising above the physical pain (which, if I’m honest, is there whether I’m working out or not) and creating a new mental space of pure concentration and focus. It’s going to take some time, but it was awesome to be pushed into that so early on.

Everyone has their own battle to fight, right? For me, right now, making it through a session like that is a huge victory.



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