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Taekwondo Session Four

Four sessions in and I manage to break my big toe! Wonderful. I’ll refrain from posting a photo – it’s not pretty 😉

It was another hard session – an intense fitness warm up with shuttle runs, push ups and sit ups, followed by an open kicking session on the mitts. Pretty sure that’s when the break happened (though I didn’t actually notice at the time), which made the rest of the session a bit uncomfortable.

In a way it’s not so bad. The whole point in getting into martial arts is to hone my mind-over-matter focus, and honestly – working through a session like that with a broken toe is nothing compared to getting through a fast-paced day in an office when you have ulcerative colitis.

The annoying part is that I can barely walk this morning, so not sure how long I’ll be out for. I’m tempted to tape it up and get straight back into it at the next session on Monday. Other than a bit of pain I’m sure I can’t do much damage to it if I’m careful…

My brand new Dobok and white belt will be here for the next session,  so if I can just get myself right by then…wishful thinking?


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