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Symptoms Flashback

I often wonder how long I’ve had this disease. I was diagnosed in 2010, but there’s no doubt I had it for some time before that.

A few months before? Definitely. I spent 6 months prior to diagnosis training for my first marathon through which the symptoms increased in intensity. By the time the marathon neared I was ending every run literally soaked in blood.

Years before? Most likely. Back in my mid 20s I remember sitting with my head in my hands, in tears after Googling potential outcomes because I’d noticed some light bleeding that just wasn’t going away. A trip to the doctor settled that as a little ‘cut’ from ‘rough food’, but now I know better.

A decade before? Yeah, probably. I spent my University years suffering from varying degrees of stomach pain and fatigue. I’m fairly sure that was the start of it all…

Hindsight can be quite chilling – thinking back through the symptoms I experienced, watching them get worse and worse…and then finally, the diagnosis. Almost feels surreal!

Anyone else feel this way?



  1. MySpecificCarbohydrateDiet

    I feel this way too! I was only officially diagnosed with UC four months ago. But I’d been having symptoms since about 2009/2010. The symptoms are so scary (and Google makes you even more terrified), that you take foreeeever to go to the doctor. My family and partner eventually staged an intervention and too me. I was convinced I was dying! At first it was brushed off as an infection, then a once-off flare, and only much later was I diagnosed. So glad to have the diagnosis though (sucky as it is) because you can only start fixing something once you know what it is you’re dealing with.

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